Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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I am old(55) and beat up but I have enough stamina to be on the party roller team as leader. I foresee a truly fun and profitable life riding around getting a buzz and having fun, swimming nude and otherwise showing the lifestyles of the sick and twisted!! I have no particular fetishes, just like to get close and slippery. I have a little fat, but am mostly muscles and bones-big muscles and bones-6'4" 275 pounds. I foresee a need for women of all types, and attitudes, but of course all would be sex-ppositive and honest. EVERYBODY wants sex-we would be a safe legal way to spread some around. And collect some fees. I think $5 a month for pasrticipatory(need to formulate a name) memberships and voyeur(ditto) fees of $2.00. Another plus-no pop-ups and shitware to annoy the customers. Porno ads usually get pushy. I have MY bike-large 88 cubic inch American bike(of course). Contact me at (206)424-5672 or

Nude News and Party Rollers.

I want to start two projects to generate money and change the world(awesome, dude)or just party heartiest of all. The Internet allows us to end the mess we are in. The power groups control the media and the Congress, and the whole clusterfuck is ass-deep in criminal behavior. With naked babes reading the truth to the rubes, we would get ever so much advertising-attention-MONEY-MOOLAH- TROUBLE(Gotta be real careful angering the pigs).The prospective audience is huge!! Just look at Girls Gone Wild. These guys drive around and photograph naked drunk college girls doing wondrous things to each other and make great money. A straight on imitation of this would be less profitable and unoriginal. The first one in on an idea always wins. The nude news would soar!
The second possible venture; Bikers(on a specific American brand, who might sue me for mentioning them) showing up at your door with five babes who want to party, would enable us to produce a heavily subscribed website! The merest ten dollar a month fee would bring in millions easily, and again, the original purveyor of this hideous filth would be having great fun and spending money!!!! All the riders would maintain anonymity for obvious reasons. The group would arrive from different routes and assemble to broadcast the party over the net so our voyeur members could enjoy and the participatory members could savor the possibility of the same thing at their house. I believe that we would be completely legal and I am sober myself. There would be a very rigid screening process. Besides, making that kind of money would deter one from stupid behavior.
The following words are the first step in spreading the word:
Lesbian, naked, drugs, motorcycles, outlaw, party, sex, smash the state, freedom, liberty, and PUSSY.