Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More info

I am old(55) and beat up but I have enough stamina to be on the party roller team as leader. I foresee a truly fun and profitable life riding around getting a buzz and having fun, swimming nude and otherwise showing the lifestyles of the sick and twisted!! I have no particular fetishes, just like to get close and slippery. I have a little fat, but am mostly muscles and bones-big muscles and bones-6'4" 275 pounds. I foresee a need for women of all types, and attitudes, but of course all would be sex-ppositive and honest. EVERYBODY wants sex-we would be a safe legal way to spread some around. And collect some fees. I think $5 a month for pasrticipatory(need to formulate a name) memberships and voyeur(ditto) fees of $2.00. Another plus-no pop-ups and shitware to annoy the customers. Porno ads usually get pushy. I have MY bike-large 88 cubic inch American bike(of course). Contact me at (206)424-5672 or

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